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Love Makes Our House A Home
With a countless numbers of young girls ages six to seventeen years being displaced from their traditional home setting for various reasons, it is the mission of our Housing division to meet the needs of young girls in Central Florida until permanent placement can be found. IOG's Housing division will provide an environment that meets the physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization needs of our young girls; an environment that is conducive to beginning or continuing the healing process for them to become successful and productive citizens. In satisfying the needs of our young girls, we will nurture their spirits and feed their minds with the expectation of grasping their futures and realizing their destinies, knowing that they are able to attain it. IOG's Housing division will emphasize independent living skills that will prepare its clients to be successful upon exiting the foster care system. It is our goal to provide academic tutoring, cooking skills, grocery shopping skills, problem solving skills, communication skills (oral and written), goal setting and implementation skills, proper hygiene, resume writing skills, interviewing skills, check writing skills, skills necessary for opening a bank account, skills necessary for obtaining a lease or rental agreement for housing, anger management skills, drug and sex education to include abstinence and other skills as deemed necessary.  In addition, licensed mental health and counseling, tutoring, and drug testing will be available on site upon request.
‚ÄčThe Creation of a Safe Place by Dr. Mark Chironna:
The creation of a SAFE PLACE is an aspect of the work of parenting, and clearly an aspect of the work of God in your life.
A place where one can understand
A place where one can be understood
A place where one can be nurtured
A place where one can be supported
A place where one can explore
‚ÄčA place where one can experiment
A place where one can express
A place that provides structure to learn more about oneself and one's relationships
A place to solve problems
A place to learn how to communicate
A place to learn one's feelings
A place to manage one's relationships