Seminole Etiquette Academy

Under IOG's Empowerment Center, Ladies in Waiting is one of our signature mentoring programs.

Historically, a “lady in waiting” was a woman who was of a higher class; a noblewoman. She was the chief confidant and companion to the queen. As a young child and teenager, my mother and other women in the community instilled in my sisters and I, the importance of being a "lady in waiting", poised with grace, discipline, self-esteem, and integrity. This signature program at S.E.A. aims to impart these values and standards into every young lady whom we serve. The primary focus of “Ladies in Waiting” is to assist young girls and help them blossom into bright, progressive, and skilled women. This process is completed in four steps: Self-Discovery, The Encounter, the Transformation, and the Celebration.

With this specific program being in existence since 2006, and with 241 graduates to date, our goal has always been to provide our youth with training and experiences that are relevant, transforming, and inspiring. 

For more information on our “Ladies in Waiting” Mentoring Program or other signature programs at S.E.A., feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

- Mrs. Katherine D. Norfleet, CEO & Founder


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