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I’m a single parent of four children. I had been addicted to crack cocaine for many, many years. I also experienced other drugs but always returned back to using crack cocaine. Cocaine is a very powerful drug which caused me to lose my identity, my children and to lose everything because of my addiction.   One day after waking up to the streets and to a crack pipe, I realized I was sick and tired.  All of this resulted to prostitution, pimping, shop lifting, losing my children and many other things I’m not proud of. I often desired to stop this vicious cycle and wondered numerous times how I could overturn my habit so it wouldn’t become a generational curse.  I realized this was something I couldn’t do alone, so in June 2005, I made a phone call that changed my life. I called Images of Glory, Inc. Mrs. Katherine Norfleet answered the phone and I’m so thankful that she did, because if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today. Images of Glory stayed by my side from the beginning to the end, they arranged for me to enter treatment in June 2005. Images of Glory staff picked me up, took me to treatment, visited me weekly, and monitored my progress throughout my intensive treatment.  For six long months, after the third month Mrs. Norfleet worked along with DCF making it possible for me to have visits with my baby son. She also informed me after receiving treatment that I had to attend an IOG’s aftercare recovery program which provided me with the parenting skills I needed.  At that point, I was willing to give and do whatever it took to stay clean for myself, and my children. It was a truly blessing to have Images of Glory apart of my Life! After receiving treatment, parenting skills, aftercare recovery treatment, life skills and self-esteem I was taught to love myself. Excitedly, because of my strength and courage I had everything at the tips of my fingers because of the support from Images of Glory.  They helped me find housing and before I knew it I was getting my children back. It’s my job today to share my experiences, strength and hope among others and to express the exceeding amount of help I receive from Images of Glory support groups. I know Images of Glory would benefit others tremendously, because of the love and support I received. I wouldn’t know where to start to get my life back on track if it wasn’t for the support groups I attended. Today, I have a great job, my children, a beautiful home and two cars. Since June 2005, I would have never thought in a million years that I would be where I am today. Thanks to Images of Glory, Inc. A. W. clean for 8 years

Before I came to S.E.A., I believed that I was not going to be anything in life but a drunk and a drug addict like my mother and father. My whole childhood was nothing but drugs all around me, but since I attended the S.E.A. program I can honestly say it has taught me a lot about becoming a young lady.  Seminole Etiquette Academy class has also taught me how to be beautiful and confident from the inside out.  Ms. Kathy and Ms. Christie helped me to believe in myself that I can be and do something in my life. - N.H.
I learned how to communicate with my children, how not to be so aggressive and to listen. I think the staff is great and I want to come for more classes. - C. P.
I learned how to be focused on my family. The parenting skills taught me the importance of consistency in discipline, being more aware of my time management, how to achieve an organized lifestyle.  It is a blessing to have a faith-based mentoring program and a non-judgmental new group of friends! - T. W.
In the beginning of the program I didn’t know what S.E.A. was about. As we went further along, the girls and I became closer than I thought we would be.  The program introduced me into things that I really needed in life.  One of my favorite memories in S.E.A. was the retreat.  The girls and mentors grew not only as friends but spiritually too!  Another event I liked was the fashion show and dinner.  We had the opportunity to show off our etiquette skills.  This program really helped me to understand what a real lady should be and act like.  I know this program and the skills I had learned will help me through my journey of becoming a woman. - Z. A.
IOG’s Life Coaching came into my life when I needed it the most.  I knew that I had always had a purpose in life, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.  I was unhappy, unemployed and about to be evicted.  The Life Coach stepped in and gave me a since of direction for my life.  She helped me to pin point my passion and gave me the tools I needed for success.  Not only that, advised me on a budget that assisted me with paying my bills on time and how to save money. I currently am working in the career of my dreams and I am truly blessed when I think of where I was to where I am today. Thank you IOG! - K. Joy
IOG has brought so much joy and happiness to my life. Before starting the IOG program, I was not thinking about going back to school.  I had gone through so much stuff as a child growing up it had totally taken my mind off of school.  I’ve always struggled with anxiety, ADHD, and depression.  I was also a teen mother.  Although it was a lot to handle at that time, IOG did not let it stop me. I went back to high school in August of 2012.  IOG assisted me by setting up my career goals and making sure that I followed through with it.  I graduated with my high school diploma in June of 2013!  I am currently enrolled in a school of cosmetology.  In addition, I have lost 45 lbs. I am really happy with my life at this point.  IOG, please keep up the good work and I’ll never forget who helped me to get where I am now in life.  I love you so much!! - S. P.
I feel so blessed to have IOG’s Life Coach in my life.  IOG has helped me through very difficult times.  My daughter was raped and impregnated by my boyfriend.  She made the decision to keep the baby.  IOG offered outstanding counseling services for my daughter and I.   In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was very hard to discuss this diagnosis with anyone.  IOG’s life coach stepped in and walked me through this very difficult battle. The life coach even went to some of my doctor's appointments with me.  She reassured me that I was not in this alone, we would do it all together.  I received frequent phone calls, just checking to make sure that everything was going well.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Life Coach during those seasons of life.  Thank you IOG. - A. Jones