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Hi Mrs. Norfleet. I heard you at the Sea World seminar and spoke to you after briefly. I think some what you shared moved just about everyone in the room in one way or another. I would love to speak with you if only for a short time, to be able to talk just a little more. You shared something that hit home with me and you were so honest with what you said I was moved. There is a similar situation I am going through and I don't have many people I can speak to. Hearing a total stranger share the same feelings was like a huge message and blessing that I am not the only person who has had these feelings. 



I didn't get a fair start in life like most children.  I had more responsibilities than I should have had.  I had to take care of everything including my younger siblings.  My mother did not do much for us.  It was very hard for me being so young, at times I felt like I would loose my mind.  I didn't feel any love at home and really didn't know what love was.  Because of this, I started to rebel and stay out late hours of the night.  I did a lot of things to receive attention. So attention I received, I was picked up by some social workers and they took me and my siblings to a more safe, secure and stable place.  That night I was placed at my safe haven, Images of Glory Inc.  The staff there changed my life.  They are still a very vital part of my life even in my young adult years.  When I arrived at Images of Glory Inc. I was pregnant.  This organization helped me through this very difficult time in my life.  They supported me through the adoption process.  I recently lost my younger brother and IOG was right there by my side.  I am so proud to claim IOG as my family.  Of course it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows dealing with me, but I appreciate IOG and love them with all my heart.



My experiences are tragic in some people's eyes, but the events that occurred in my life have made me the intelligent successful young lady I am today. My experience started when I was 11 years old. My mother forced me into human trafficking because she was a prostitute herself, and her husband was her pimp. I had sexual relations with the landlords to pay her rent. She left me to move out  with her husband. Often I stayed to myself and had low self-esteem and fear of what someone would  do to me.When I was about 14 years old, I started hanging around the mall like normal teenage girls. When one day a man started talking to me while I was waiting for the bus to go home, he told me I was beautiful and smart and showed me attention I wasn't getting from anyone else. I gave him my number. We started hanging out with each other, immediately I started skipping school to spend time with him and sneaking out of the house late at night. After a while he made me have sex with him and his friends. Then he ended up abandoning me in an unknown town with his friends that I didn't even know.They had me prostituting for their gang and i was ganged raped by 13 men. I was sold for my body for almost 3 years. I was passed from pimp to pimp, city to city; some knew each other and some were just selling me off. I was on just about every drug anyone could think of. I was in and out of jail; I would say I was probably arrested every 3 months. There comes a time when people get tired of running and hating their life and themselves. Luckily for me there were people in my life that wanted to help me through my difficulties. Images of Glory (I.O.G.) helps young women get off the streets and off drugs. I.O.G. has helped me stay clean and off the streets. They worked with me and never gave up even though I put them through a lot. I am 18 years old and I am in my second semester of college studying to be a paralegal. So even though I have been a victim of Human trafficking and have been on the streets, in and out of jail, it goes to show that you can be whoever you want to be in life no matter what your past is. All you have to do is ask for help and the right people will be there for you.  They'll give you a shoulder to lean on as long as you need it and truly want it. It's not about where you've been it's all about where you're going! God Bless You All!